To Know Christ & To Make Him Known

December 3, 2017

WHO IS JESUS is the title of a book Philip Powell hopes to have ready for the CWM-INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – September 14 to 20, 2014. The Conference will be held in the luxurious Twin Towns Tweed Heads Gold Coast (QLD-NSW) RESORT. Listen to the introductory and welcome video listed herein.


From early childhood I have been intrigued with the question of my title, Who is Jesus?’I am now in my 76th year, and diagnosed with prostate cancer and other physical ailments, some of which were debilitating and the treatment enervating in the extreme. One was designated bursitis, which was a recurring and at times excruciating affliction in my left upper arm and shoulder. On Thursday January 23, 2014 – I arranged a cortisone injection, which brought temporary relief for about a day and a half then the pain returned with a vengeance. On further investigation it was discovered that the pain was associated with the prostate cancer which had spread to the shoulder blade. I have received Radio Therapy (not chemo-therapy) treatment which has helped to reduce the pain and am now facing the future with confidence in the ability and goodness of the Lord.

So what has this personal testimonial got to do with this book? Am I seeking sympathy? No, definitely not. I am conscious of the fact that many people of my vintage and less, suffer more than me. No-one in this vale of tears is immune from suffering no matter how loudly the “word of faith” crowd protest otherwise; so why this book and why now?

My writing was, in the first instance, sparked by a consideration of an international conference organised byCWM (Christian Witness Ministries) on the beautiful QLD/NSW Gold Coast, in September 2014, entitled,Knowing Christ and Making Him Known. Our three overseas guest speakers have nominated the following specific titles under our chosen theme:
1.    Knowing the Changeless Christ – Jeffrey Whittaker.Knowing Him who was, is, and is to come: Christ in Prophecy;Knowing Him in His Spirit: The Person of the Godhead in our age;Knowing Him in Mission: The example of Christ and His Apostles;
Bearing Witness in a hostile World with zeal and enthusiasm.
2.    Knowing Christ from Romans – Tony Brown.The message of the Book of Romans;Walking in the Spirit or doing it your way;Adopted into the family; andWhat Christ has done for us to enable us to really live.
3.    Knowing Christ in Practical Living – Philip Morgan.Knowing the One Seen by Angels (1 Timothy 3:16);Knowing the One Feared by devils (Matthew 8:29 cf. 1 Peter 3:18-22);Knowing the One Ascended in Glory (Acts 1:2); andKnowing the One We Must Make Known (Mark 3:14).
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