Event - CWMF 2018 Easter Conference

March 21, 2018

The CWMF 2018 Easter Conference

"Christ in the Feasts of Israel & Christ in the Churches of the Revelation"

Continuing on from Last Years' Conference theme, where we began with looking at Daniel, The Cross & Revelation, we again, welcome back Maurice Nicholson, together with Paul Cohen. The Theme, "Christ in the Feasts of Israel & Christ in the Churches of the Revelation" will provide much spiritual food and encouragement as we gather together.

Four Days and Ten Sessions; you will be saturated with great teaching by this year’s guest speakers. We hope to make available a downloadable PDF of the Conference Schedule from a new "Events Page" in the next few days, but until then, you can access the meeting schedule via the following link: Download Link. (Temporary Download of Meeting Schedule)

When and Where: The Conference begins on Thursday the 29th at 7:00 pm and concludes Sunday the 1st of April at approximately 7:30 pm. The Conference is to be held at the CWMF Complex; 2759 Logan Road Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113. We have indicated two additional Sessions for Monday Morning but will confirm if these two will proceed during Sunday's Worship Service.

Registration: There is no cost to attend the Conference, but we do ask that you register for the Conference, providing contact information by emailing us with a list of names and contact numbers for each person who will be attending. This is so we can provide Name Tags and make available Printed Materials by the Speakers for the Weekend of meetings.(There is a nominal cost if you chose to purchase the Booklets by the speakers.) Love Offerings will be collected at most Sessions to meet all associated cost of this year’s Conference. Please prepare to give generously. You are welcome to attend all of the sessions or as many as you are able. Please indicate in your email which sessions you will be attending. - Email Address for Registrations: events@cwm.org.au

Guest Speakers: Paul Cohen - will address, "Christ in the Feasts of Israel."

Paul’s unique Messianic understanding of the scriptures provides great depth and meaning. Paul is very well known to us at CWMF, so we can be assured that the Studies on the Jewish Feasts will be a valuable perspective.

Guest Speakers: Maurice Nicholson - will address, "Christ in the Churches of the Revelation."

The Word of God has been Maurice's Guide in all areas of Life and Ministry, whereby Maurice has applied himself to the Study of the Word of God. He imparts God’s truths practically as a Bible College Lecturer here in Australia and abroad. You will be encouraged and challenged to know God and His Word in a deeper way.

Contacts: Should you need further information or would like clarification as to the additional Sessions on Monday, please email events@cwm.org.au or call the Church Office and your call will be return as soon as practically possible.

We look forward in seeing you at the CWMF 2018 Easter Conference.... Register Today!

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