Issue 45

September 1, 2008

Judgment Day

Judgment Day - The truth is more devastating than fiction

by Philip Powell 

No one describes the biblical scenario of the End Times better than Dave Hunt. Published in 2005 his 400 page JUDGMENT DAY – Islam, Israel and the Nations presents the undeniable evidence that our world is fast heading for judgment—by the sword of Islam and/or by Armageddon, the final world war, and ultimately by God Almighty as He pours out His wrath upon the nations who reject Him and His offer of salvation and who hate His chosen people, Israel. Not only that but over and over again the author produces irrefutable evidence based on Bible prophecy that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is indeed the only true God and the Bible is His unerring and eternal Word to mankind. During my four day read, when I completed the book, there was a sense of thrill each time I read Dave’s repeated inescapable conclusion, based on Bible prophecy, that the Christian God exists, is real and calls for our voluntary surrender to Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The book, packed full of well documented facts, is easy to read and its 31-page subject index and 6-page glossary of technical terms are most helpful for definition and ease of recall. For example under “prophecy/prophecies, biblical” (page 385) we find:

“amazing foretelling of today’s weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) 316-317; anti-Semitism1 another specific fulfilment of, 12-15, 23-42; exclusion of Israel from UN committees, Red Cross, etc another specific fulfilment of, 42-43; concerning Messiah unmistakably point to Jesus Christ, 240-41, 296-300; Ezekiel’s concerning Israel’s leaders promising peace when there is no peace apropos to our day, 206; God is finalising fulfilment of in our day, 326; many re Israel can be fulfilled only in the “last days”, 5, 231-32; provides full proof of God, the Bible, Christ, and that Israelis are the chosen people who inherit the land, 5, 62-63, 275; specific prophecies fulfilled in Israel’s modern defeat of Arab attackers, 8-10, 223, 246, and in the Holocaust2, 91, and in the rebirth of a nation, 42-44, and precise concerning Jerusalem, 6-7, 17-19; return from diaspora3 among all nations not fulfilled under Joshua as falsely claimed by some, 243-45.

One of the major myths that Dave explodes in his JUDGMENT DAY is that Islam is ever moderate. The western world and the liberal “church” have bought a lie when they attribute Jihad4 and terrorism to the Islamic extremists when in fact it is a reflection of what is taught in the Surahs5 of the Qur’an6 and in the haddith7. Muhammad was a terrorist, whose god, Allah8 told him:

The last day will not come until the Muslims confront the Jews and the Muslims destroy them. In that day Allah will give a voice to the rocks and the trees and they will cry out, “O Muslim, O Abdullah, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him!”9 [DH quotes from Sahih Al-Bukhari’s hadith see page 12].

To bring ‘peace’ Allah commands,

“I shall cast terror into the hearts of infidels, Strike off their heads!”10 “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them …”;11 “O Prophet struggle with the unbelievers and hypocrites and be thou harsh with them …”;12 “Believers make war on the infidels that dwell around you …”13

More than 100 verses [in the Qur’an] advocate fighting to bring Islam’s ‘peace’ to the world [page 178].

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